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+44 203 609 8690

Core Sales Skills - Level 2

Course Code: SAL.1B
Subject: Sales
Course Fee: £2650 + VAT (20%)

Dates for this course:

20-03-2017 to 24-03-2017 London
10-07-2017 to 14-07-2017 London
13-11-2017 to 17-11-2017 London

Who should attend?

Learning Objectives

Course Content

Key Principles of Selling

Sales Presentation and Pitching Mastery

Relationship building

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Strategic Sales

The overall experience I had at LCT was excellent. Very good customer service all round. The staff were friendly and attentive to my needs. I was grateful that the course was not cancelled even though I was the only scheduled attendee. The training turned into a one-to-one session which I was very happy with. The consultant did a great job of personalising the course and making the material relevant to my line of work. I also welcomed the provision of handouts after the course. Finally, I found the catered lunch service to be very good in comparison to other training courses I've been on.
Contracts Manager
Plexus PLC, United Kingdom