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Alexander James Training (AJT) is Africas's leading corporate training provider, offering over 120 short courses.
Since 2014, we have trained around 800 delegates from almost 200 client organisations, spanning over 20 countries.
AJT is endorsed by various organisational and subject specific accrediting bodies.
Training Consultants
Our courses are delivered by professional and highly qualified training consultants, all of whom possess extensive experience in a wide range of business sectors.

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Training Courses

International Development Training

AJT specializes in short Corporate and International Development courses between two days and two weeks in length. At AJT, our primary objective is to help develop the skills of our delegates to enable them to tackle existing challenges and grow within their organizations. Our training courses cover virtually all aspects of development, including Research & Data Management, Monitoring & Evaluation, Project Management, Geospatial Information Systems (GIS), Humanitarian Development, Agriculture & Food Security;Climate Change, Health and Social Care,Law & Governance,Energy & Oil, ICT for Development Technology,Team Building and Advanced Management. We also specialize in training statistical research analysis using STATA, SPSS, R, CSPro, ODK, NVIVO and ArcGIS software’s.Our courses have been designed to provide the very best training for all levels – from basic introduction, to intermediary and advanced level. Our courses are delivered in Kenya, South Africa, Nigeria ,Ethiopia and selected locations.

We Help professionals in all fields to develop in the right areas

With clients coming from the Humanitarian and Non Governmental Organizations (NGOs), as well as from the Public and Private sectors, amongst others, it’s fair to say that we have all the bases covered and indeed, if it’s true enlightenment that professionals are interested in, we’re of the firm opinion that the tailored packages that we are able to offer are pretty much unrivalled. In the genre of development training, we strive to be at the leading edge of things and indeed, when it comes to development and humanitarian courses; we believe that we are able to facilitate the needs of one and all.

Highly qualified and exprienced Trainers

AJ Training has access to a faculty of 85 highly qualified consultants to deliver the training courses. These lecturers are not in any way academics, but rather specialists actively involved in consulting to business in their particular fields. This gives them a fuller insight into delegate needs and as well as knowledge about actual trends in the market, and makes the training courses extremely practical and relevant.

While International Development Training remains a key focus, AJ Training has a total of 82 different public training courses, in a variety of business fields, currently running around the country, and has trained delegates from a wide range of companies.



The training was full of practical tips and the interactive approach was excellent, to be fair it was difficult for the trainer to understand every specific industry problem or objection, but he did very well and it definitely did not take anything from the course.
Executive Director
Childfund, Somalia